Tokenomics Distribution

Our tokenomics are strategically structured to promote a robust and equitable ecosystem. The allocation of our total token supply is as follows.

  • Team: 11.1%

    • Reserved for incentivize the core developers, advisors, and staff who contribute to the foundation and ongoing progress of the project.
  • Community Sale & Investors: 22.2%

    • This portion is dedicated to early investors and participants in community sales who provide the initial capital and support necessary for the project's launch and development.
    • The token will be available for purchase in four distinct phases. With each subsequent phase, the price of the token will experience an increase ranging from 2% to 3%.
  • Community & Airdrop: 22.2%

    • Aimed at community engagement and growth, this segment is allocated for rewarding active community participation and airdrop campaigns.
  • Liquidity: 33.3%

    • The largest allocation is for liquidity purposes, ensuring smooth NFT-FI operations and stability for token transactions.
  • Creators: 5.6%

    • To support the creative globally, this allocation is specifically for content creators who add value in this segment.
  • Business Development (BD): 5.6%

    • This segment funds strategic partnerships, marketing, and expansion initiatives critical for the project's advancement and outreach.

Vesting Schedule

The current vesting schedule is subject to further refinement. We are dedicated to establishing a vesting framework that is both prudent and adaptable to the evolving dynamics of our platform.

Schedule Flexibility

  • Provisional Status: Please note that the vesting schedule has not been finalized at this juncture. Our approach is to ensure maximum alignment with the strategic interests of the project and its participants.

  • Commitment to Updates: We are committed to providing timely and regular updates regarding the vesting schedule. All revisions will be communicated promptly to keep all users informed of the latest developments.

Rest assured, transparency remains a cornerstone of our operations, and we are dedicated to sharing detailed information as soon as it is available.