Morkie Platform Roadmap

Q3: Establishing Global NFT Hub and Enhancing Rewarding Mechanisms


  • Enhanced Community Features: Roll out community forums and support, fostering a stronger sense of community and providing users with assistance and engagement opportunities.
  • Creator Empowerment Program: Introduce new tools and resources for creators to easily mint, showcase, and sell their NFTs, along with educational content to help them maximize their success on the platform.


  • Platform Accessibility Improvements: Implement multi-language support and customize features to cater to various regions, ensuring an inclusive user experience.
  • Global Expansion Initiatives: Launch targeted marketing campaigns to attract international users and creators, expanding Morkie's presence globally.


  • Enhancing NFT Fun and Engagement: Launch interactive features and gamification elements that make exploring, collecting, and trading NFTs more enjoyable for users.
  • Expanding Earning Opportunities: Introduce new mechanisms for users and creators to earn through NFTs, such as new staking options, new models, and partnerships.

Q2: Platform Development and User Engagement


  • Token Generation Event (TGE): Officially launch our platform's token, enabling transactions and governance voting.


  • Strategic Development Planning: Outline the future direction of platform enhancements and community engagement strategies.
  • Protocol Refinement: Finalize and implement protocols to ensure fair and transparent platform operation.


  • Platform Feature Expansion: Introduce new platform features that enrich user experience and engagement.
  • Social Media Community Building: Begin concerted efforts to build our community across various social media platforms, driving awareness and engagement.

Q1: Initial Setup and Infrastructure Development


  • Tokenomics Model Development: Establish the economic model that will drive our platform, ensuring sustainability and growth.
  • Strategic Planning Session: Convene to map out the future steps for platform development and community engagement.


  • Technical Infrastructure Setup: Build the foundational technical infrastructure that supports a seamless and scalable platform.
  • Outreach for Strategic Partnerships: Initiate conversations with potential partners to broaden our platform's reach and capabilities.
  • Product Launches: Introduce new ideas and products to our early adopters, gathering feedback for continuous improvement.


  • Core Idea Formation: Solidify the core idea behind Morkie, setting the stage for our public launch and future developments.

December 2023

  • Platform Ideation and Conceptualization: Begin the initial planning and design phases for the Morkie platform.
  • Beta Testing: Conduct beta testing to refine our platform based on user feedback, ensuring a robust launch.

This roadmap delineates our comprehensive strategy across various phases, showcasing our dedication to creating a dynamic and inclusive NFT ecosystem. Each step is designed with the goal of making Morkie a pivotal hub for NFT enthusiasts and creators globally.